Zippy Gadgets #1 Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Mount – Magnetic Phone Holder – Best for Hands-Free Use, Super Strong Magnet – Car Dashboard Mount, Smartphone Gadget – Desk Accessory (SILVER)

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  • STRONG MAGNETIC GRIP - This is one tough little device you can count on. Your phone is NOT falling from this magnet. It will keep your cell or mobile phone in place, even if you change the seeing angle. Installed on your vehicle control panel, or office desk or in your house cooking area, you can delight in full hands totally free usage of your cell phone or tablet with our magnetic holder.MODERN, APPEALING AND EASY TO INSTALL-With its streamlined, modern-day design and chrome silver surface, our Zippy Gadgets install is made from metal, so is strong and long-term. No fiddly plastic pieces or suction cups to have a hard time with. Follow the very easy to set up guidelines, and stick your mount to any appropriate surface you wish. The magnetics will not harm your mobile phone in any method. The alcoholic cleansing fabric will make sure excellent surface grip.MAXIMUM HANDS FREE USE- No more unsafe driving and running the risk of a mishap while browsing your mobile phone for GPS instructions. Follow a great recipe to impress your liked ones step by action in the kitchen. Take a videoconference at your office desk while still keeping in mind. All very easy with your cute new device accessory.ADAPTABLE AND PORTABLE -Our magnetic holder will work with all brand names of mobile gadgets; from Apple iPhones and pads, through to Samsung cell phones and tablets. It will work simply as well if you stick it to your mobile gadget case rather. Additionally, don't stick it to anything, simply move it with you through your day anywhere you desire it.BREATHE EASY -With Zippy Gadgets, you can purchase absolutely stress totally free with our 30-day assurance!! If for any reason, our product does not meet your standards, we'll either change it, or send you a complete refund of the purchase cost! Exactly what could be simpler?%% %HASSLE FREEDOMS RELEASE USE? Definitely yes. The current magnetic cellular phone and mobile phone holder from Zippy Gadgets guarantees this is looked after. With its attractive modern-day
  • style, our magnetic holder makes an excellent gadget

    and device. Following the GPS directions for your journey just became easy. No more dropping your phone while you are owning! Following a dish online whilst making an excellent meal at house is now child's play! Having a video discussion whilst still operating at your office desk is now easy! SIMPLE INSTALLATION Put an adhesive metal disk to the back of your mobile device and location the disc over the center of the magnetic holder. The metal ball will get used to any viewing angle PRODUCT CONTENTS: 1 steel ball mount for any angle viewing, 1 Removable

    strong force magnetic disk, 2

    phone size magnets and accompanying stickers, 1 larger size gadget magnet and sticker label, Alcohol cleansing pad CUSTOMER ADVICE These magnets will not damage your phone or other mobile phones

    in any method, nevertheless please make

    sure to keep them away from credit cards, pacemakers, and other magnet-sensitive gadgets that will be at danger. ENSURED SMILES Zippy Gadgets takes pride in the items we supply, and for that reason, we

    offer up our 30-day guarantee. There's very little to it truly. It's just love our item or your loan back, no concerns asked! WATCH, LISTEN AND COMMUNICATE HANDS FREE! CLICK CONTRIBUTE TO CART NOW AND GET YOUR MAGNETIC HOLDER FROM ZIPPY GADGETS NOW!!

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