GlowBowl A-00452-01 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Product Features

  • Movement Activated, so it switches on when you go into and OFF when you leave. When you enter the GlowBowl will immediately activate, lighting your way.Light Delicate
  • (Only activates in darkness). GlowBowl will shut off the instant it finds light to take full advantage of battery life.Fits ANY Toilet !! Flexible are that will take the shape of any type toilet and will remain in place.Select from 7 LED colors with just the press of a button.
  • (blue, yellow, purple, white, aqua, red, and green )Carousel mode that will turn colors instantly every 4 seconds if selected.
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Product Description

The glowbowl is the highest quality toilet light on the market. Glowbowl will change any

toilet into a nightlight in seconds. No more missing your target or stumbling around in the dark-the glowbo

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